Brief introduction of Time Game Chain

Time Game Chain (hereinafter referred to as Time Chain)

is the world’s first blockchain network that focuses on time exchanging value in the virtual world.

Has integrated the professional game development scripting language and efficient game compiler.

Has encrypted virtual property, decentralized payment, free trading of props and other characteristics

Team introduction


Graduated from Harvard University, major in Math as an undergraduate and in Computer as a graduate student, worked in Wall Street, and good at financial model building.

Hillary Chen

Hillary Chen

Graduated from University of Waterloo, major in Biotechnology & Economics and Math, Bachelor's Degree, computer science system, database management system, database design, relational data model and SQL, Python, SQL, SPSS and MATLABo



Ph.D. in Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Master of Computer Science and Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Computer Science. First Class Honors of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in2011 Winner of Hong Kong Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Young Entrepreneurs Program Best Performance Award and Best Business Plan Award in the semifinals of Hong Kong “Social Enterprise Challenge” in 2011

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