"Time miner": a profitable game! Well? You got it wrong? No! That's true. Believe that the friends seeing here are full of curiosity, playing games can make money? This is a lie? Then I'll tell you how to make money in this innovative game called "Time miner"!

First of all "Time miner" can only be played on the "Basic World" platform (, no other way!

Labor creates value, and you can make money while playing, for the actual return with pieces of time! Back to the essence, the game allows the player to become the owner of the game.

Next, I'll introduce the tricks of playing "Time miner" game summed up by several friends

1. Give priority to dig the mines in public places. Because everyone can dig here and refreshing is very fast here.

2. After digging the public mines, then choose "Go Home" back to private mines

After the public and private mines have been dug up, it is necessary to start a friend's mine.

First, add more friends and enter your friend's invitation code in the above red frame.

After succeeding to add friends, you can enter the mining area of your friends!

Start our ruthless snatch ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I am a robber who is not afraid of anything: )

Please remember to add more friends

PS: now the number of friends has a limit, but this limit must be improved later (hearing from the grapevine)!

Labor creates value, you can make money while playing, and earn the platform prop in the game, for the actual return with pieces of time!

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