17:00 on September 25, 2017, is a moment worth to be recorded in the history! The Basic World Game-Eco is launched at this moment officially.

The Basic World Game-Eco is the first game operation platform based on blockchain technology. It is advocated on the platform to get the game back to the essence and allow the player to become the owner of the game.

At the same time the first game in the Basic world comes on the stage meanwhile, that is the "Time miner", which is a new mining game and is different with the traditional mining. There are characters, scenes, and friends, but also making money through hard mining. Allow users to earn platform props in the game, in return for actual returns with fragmented time.

Of course, not everyone can play "Time miner" game, because only the users with [BGC] can play this game.

BGC: BGC only can be used to buy mining qualification. At the same time it is also the basic game currency of the Basic World Game-Eco for the consumption and consumption of basic props.

So here comes the problem! here comes the problem! here comes the problem! (Important things should be repeated for 3 times)

1. How to deal with the situation that I don't have BGC?

BGC can be requested or presented to the people with BGC.

Log in the basic world (, BGC players can give it to other players as a present

Fill in the user name in the search box and then click Search. You can search for the user you want to search

Search for the users you want to find, and click "gift"

Fill in the amount to be given and the transaction password, click on "Confirm the Gift".

2. How to do when my friends don't have BGC?

You can go to buy BGC on 5173 trading platform (

Search [basic world] on 5173, and then you can query the information you want

It is also sold by players on "Idle fish" (

3. BGC transaction

BGC transaction is a personal transaction for players, so beware of being cheated when trading.

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